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Wholesaling Real Estate | Watch Me Talk To An Un-Motivated Seller

How Drew Pulled 6 Deals From His First Direct Mail Campaign With Ryan and Drew —Part 2 | Rookie 13

Culture Matters: Building success through the culture of your business

Real Estate Investors: How to Maintain Motivation in 3 Simple Steps

Negotiating with Joe Exotic and Buying the Exclusive Licensing Rights to “Tiger King” | BP Biz 57

Flipping Houses – What It Takes To Start And Grow A Successful Business

16 Money Skills They Didn’t Teach You In High School with Scott & Mindy

Using Self-Directed IRA To Wholesale Real Estate Deals

Crisis Investing 101: Top Ways to Reduce Your Investing Risk in Any Market

Turnkey Rental Property Deal Analysis & Walkthrough

Top 3 Ways to Find Great Real Estate Deals During a Market Shift

My First Multi-Family Investment Property Made $4.7 Million Profit | Best Deal Ever Show

How To Partner With Big Wholesalers In Your Market

How Much Real Estate Investors Should Have In Reserves.

How To Flip A House For Beginners (Start to Finish)

What Works (and Doesn’t) in a Recession & the Untold Story of J Scott’s Messy First Flip | Rookie 12

4 Rules To Always Protect Your Earnest Money Deposit | Wholesaling Real Estate

Real Estate Red Flags

Asset Protection for Real Estate Investors

From Poverty to Millions Through Laundromats with Dave Menz | BiggerPockets Business Podcast 56

The Family Huddle: A Simple 5-Minute Routine to Maximize Your Family’s Day

How Retiring Early is Still Feasible in an Impending Recession

Ready to Retire: The Ultimate Pre-Retirement Checklist with The Retirement Manifesto | BP Money #125

Analyzing a Deal: Key Indicators

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