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Meet The BRRRR Real Estate Investor Who Purchased 3 Deals In His First 6 Months! | Meet The Investor

Signing Our First Tenant, COVID-19 Troubles, & More DIY Bathroom Renovations on our BRRRR Investment

Wholesaling Houses To Landlords NOT Fix And Flippers

Beginner’s Guide To Mortgages (Mortgage 101)

Making a 25 Deal/Year Business (and Marriage) Work… Together! | BiggerPockets Podcast 394

Watch Me Wholesale LIVE – I Can’t Close My Wholesale Deal!

From Dave Ramsey Disciple to No-Money-Down Real Estate Investor with Sarah Brandenberger | Rookie 23

Real Estate Ride Along Show Q+A

Thinking BIG and Raising $70 Million with Jay Reno | BiggerPockets Business Podcast 67

What Stephen King’s Pencil Taught Me About Real Estate Investing

How To Get Real Estate Agents To Bring You Cash Buyers For FREE!

$250K in Profit from Investing In Student Housing (While Still in College!) | Best Deal Ever Show

Secrets of a Money Savvy Family with Doug Nordman and Carol Pittner | BP Money Podcast #136

Meet The Real Estate Investor That BRRRR’s Airbnb’s & CRUSHES It!

HELOC, Landlording, & Budget Increases! | Rentals To Wealth Ep. 8 (BRRRR Investment Property)

How To Read A Closing Statement

From Campus Maintenance Man to $10 Million in Real Estate Owned with Rick Jarman | BP Podcast 393

I Made $20,000 On Accident Wholesaling A House!

Multifamily Real Estate Investing Q&A w Chris Lopez & Terrance Doyle

How To Invest In Gold (For Beginners)

5 Rentals on Autopilot with Full-Time Highway Patrolman Ruben Galindo | Rookie Podcast 22

Leveraging COVID and Other Timely Trends to Build Wealth With John Berlingieri | BP Business 66:

Quick & Simple Trick To Help You Retain Information

How This RE Investor Turned A Wholesale Deal Into a Rental Property W/ $125,000 in Instant Equity

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