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Reno Real Estate Market 2020 Overview

If you are looking at buying an investment property in the Reno real estate market, you’ll find all the housing statistics on this page to help you make a sound decision. The real estate market in Northern Nevada has been growing… Continue Reading →

NYC Real Estate Market 2020 Overview

If you are looking at buying an investment property in the NYC real estate market, you’ll find all the housing statistics on this page to help you make a sound decision. Let us first look at the statewide data. The New York… Continue Reading →

Coronavirus Causes Biggest Annual Rent Growth Slowdown in at Least Five Years

Momentum continues to build in the for-sale market with newly pending sales, new listings and home values on the rise Go to Source Author:

Introducing HousingWire’s 2020 Class of Rising Stars

This year’s 2020 Class of Rising Stars celebrates 50 young innovators moving the housing industry forward. Coming from all sectors of housing – mortgage, real estate, fintech, servicing and more, these up-and-coming leaders are blazing their own trail. The norm… Continue Reading →

Will smaller cities see a boom from the coronavirus?

After the Great Recession, the number of big-city residents boomed. Flush with jobs and thirsting for modern high-rises, young adults and families moved into dense metro areas with amenities at their doorsteps and strips of restaurants blocks away. But those… Continue Reading →

As travel slows down, when will Airbnb owners recover?

As travel has been significantly minimized and less people are renting out Airbnb‘s, it leaves vacation rental owners in a bind, with some paying multiple mortgages. While Airbnb has mended some of its policies to accommodate the extenuating circumstances, are… Continue Reading →

Startup profile: Brace

Taken from HousingWire Magazine’s May issue, the startup profile on Brace looks at a company that is about to start creating disruptions in the housing space. With its sights set on the servicing industry, Brace recently closed a Series A… Continue Reading →

Appraisal technology reduces risk for appraisers and homebuyers in the midst of COVID-19

As the majority of the housing industry transitioned to working from home due to COVID-19 health concerns, many appraisers remained on the front lines.  The Appraisal Institute and several other organizations rallied to deem appraisers essential workers so they would… Continue Reading →

CFPB data shows Americans were terrified about their finances as pandemic raged

Despite the efforts of the government over the last few months, there are still a great number of people confused about their financial relief options in the wake of the pandemic. Things have likely gotten at least a little better… Continue Reading →

What happens to real estate when COVID-19 busts state and local budgets?

As COVID-19 starts to loosen its grip on some of the nation’s coastal cities and begins a relentless march across the parts of the nation it hasn’t walloped yet, the rest of America is set to find out what happens… Continue Reading →

Summer is the new home-buying season

Spring has historically been dubbed “home-buying season,” but as the last few months have been shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, is summer the next best thing? The beginning of 2020 saw the strongest time for mortgage purchase applications,… Continue Reading →

Christine Beckwith to speak at June’s summit

In this year’s ultra-competitive and sometimes chaotic mortgage market, product and rates are just one part of winning business and expanding your customer base. It’s a motivated sales team, with defined goals, that ultimately grows market share. That’s the crux… Continue Reading →

People movers: Orchard and Black Knight

Phil Felice Real estate company Orchard has hired Phil Felice as its chief revenue officer and Elijah Meerson as its chief technology officer. Felice has nearly 20 years of experience in the industry, most recently as the U.S. CEO for… Continue Reading →

As Remote Work Continues, Bay Area Homebuyers Hone In on Oakland and Other Suburbs

San Francisco homebuyers are now considering farther-flung suburbs in the Bay Area, where they can get more space for less money, as remote work becomes the norm in the age of coronavirus. The housing market in Oakland and suburban parts… Continue Reading →

Charlotte Real Estate Market 2020 Overview

If you are looking at buying an investment property in the Charlotte real estate market, you’ll find all the housing statistics on this page to help you make a sound decision. When someone considers investing in real estate, attention tends to drift to… Continue Reading →

Tucson Real Estate Market 2020 Overview

The real estate market has been booming in Southern Arizona and housing experts see positive trends in the Tucson housing market 2020. If you are looking at buying an investment property in Tucson, you’ll find all the housing statistics on… Continue Reading →

Philadelphia Real Estate Market 2020 Overview

If you are looking at buying a house in Philadelphia as a potential investment in 2020, you must read until the end.  Philadelphia is one of the oldest and largest cities in the United States. In the past month, houses… Continue Reading →

Housing Market Predictions 2020: Latest Forecast & Trends

Here are the updated 2020 housing market predictions. The housing market saw modest increases across the board in the past year, though there were hot spots in the market in terms of both geography and price ranges. House prices had… Continue Reading →

Indianapolis Real Estate Market 2020 Overview

When it comes down to the Indianapolis real estate market, it is considered to be an excellent destination for cash flow rental properties. There is a strong and steady year-over-year appreciation of Indianapolis investment properties. If you are looking at buying… Continue Reading →

Spokane Real Estate Market 2020 Overview

Home prices in the Spokane real estate market 2020 are expected to rise at a steady pace. There is a high housing demand in the market and the current supply equals 1.2 months. It shows that the Spokane housing marketing is… Continue Reading →

Austin Real Estate Market 2020 Overview

Austin’s immense population growth during the past decade has heavily impacted its real estate market. In the last twelve months, the median price for residential homes in Austin has increased by a whopping 14%, an all-time high. The total sales… Continue Reading →

19 Passive Income Ideas You Can Use To Make Money In 2020

The coronavirus crisis has cost many their jobs. It has renewed interest in passive income ideas. There are many old and new passive income ideas and strategies can generate a steady income for you and your family. Unlike the misconception,… Continue Reading →

San Diego Real Estate Market 2020 Overview

Is it a good time to buy a house in San Diego 2020? There could be a slump in the San Diego real estate market in 2020. However, with a strong economy and an increasing inventory of homes for sale,… Continue Reading →

Las Vegas Real Estate Market 2020 Overview

The Las Vegas real estate market forecast is as hot as the desert heat in Nevada. The housing market kicked off well in 2020, with home prices and sales increase from the same time last year. The Las Vegas home prices… Continue Reading →

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