The Mortgage Collaborative, the mortgage industry’s independent cooperative network, has begun releasing details on a significant virtual event they will host for their members during the first three weeks of December. 

Dubbed “The 12 Days of TMC”, the event will feature 24 keynote speeches from 12 notable non-mortgage industry celebrity speakers and 12 prominent industry leaders. The 30-minute keynote speeches will bookend four lender-led interactive sessions focused on the most pertinent and pressing industry issues on each of the 12 days of the event.

“Our members told us that another two-day virtual conference just wasn’t going to work for them and their employees in midst of this record origination volume,” said TMC CEO Jim Park. “What our members and partners want is a creative way to connect with each other that both reinvigorates our personal growth and help our business succeed in today’s market.” 

The 12 Days of TMC will take place December 1-18, every Tuesday through Friday. The non-industry, celebrity keynote speakers will kick off each day’s events at 1:30 p.m. EST. Some of the notable names slated to speak are American Olympic legends Mike Eruzione and Natalie Coughlin, as well as military hero Marcus Luttrell, who was portrayed by Mark Wahlberg in the 2013 film “Lone Survivor.”

“The most important thing to our team in crafting this event was to make it meaningful and digestible to our members, who are combatting record volumes while having little to no in-person interaction with their staff,” said TMC’s COO Rich Swerbinsky. “The keynotes and the lender-led industry-related sessions were very thoughtfully curated based on member feedback, as was how we structured the event from a calendar standpoint.”

The 12 Days event will take place off the heels of a series of 10 virtual Collaboration Labs that TMC is hosting for 95 of their members. This popular initiative is in its fourth year and is attended by the key leaders from six to 15 TMC Lender Member companies of similar size and scope that don’t directly compete with one another. All participants sign a mutual NDA and submit a series of data metrics and key performance indicators before engaging in four two-hour segments of very intentional “deep dive” networking sessions where all aspects of running a business and experiences with third parties are discussed, with the metrics as the backdrop. 

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The Mortgage Collaborative brings its own fresh take on virtual
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