Vancouver, WA is a thriving city located in the state of Washington, just across the river from Portland, Oregon. Known for its beautiful landscapes, outdoor recreational opportunities, and vibrant community, Vancouver has become an attractive place to live for many people. As the real estate market plays a significant role in the city’s growth, it is essential to understand the current market trends and forecast for Vancouver, WA.
Current Vancouver WA Housing Market Update
This analysis is based on data sourced from®. We’ll delve into the median home prices, price per square foot, sale-to-list price ratio, and the average days a property stays on the market in this lively city.
Median Listing Home Price: $530K
As of October 2023, the median listing home price in Vancouver, WA stands at a robust $530,000, showcasing a noteworthy 6% year-over-year increase. This upward trajectory reflects the city’s desirability and the growing demand for real estate in the area.
Breaking down the figures further, the median listing home price per square foot is $293. This metric provides valuable insights into the local real estate landscape, offering a perspective on the cost of living space in Vancouver, WA.
Median Home Sold Price: $500K
While the median listing home price provides a glimpse into the market, the median home sold price is a crucial indicator of actual transactions. In October 2023, homes in Vancouver, WA achieved a median sold price of $500,000, underlining the competitive nature of the market.
Sale-to-List Price Ratio: 100%
In a testament to the strength of the Vancouver, WA housing market, homes sold for approximately the asking price on average in October 2023. The 100% sale-to-list price ratio indicates a balanced relationship between buyers and sellers, fostering a healthy and competitive environment.
Buyer Balanced Seller: A Seller’s Market
Vancouver, WA currently finds itself in a seller’s market as of October 2023. This designation signifies that the demand for homes surpasses the available inventory. Prospective buyers face competition in securing their desired properties, highlighting the city’s allure for homeownership.
Median Days on Market: 40 Days
Time is of the essence in the Vancouver, WA housing market, with homes spending an average of 40 days on the market before being sold. This figure serves as a crucial metric for both buyers and sellers, offering insights into the pace of transactions and the overall market dynamics.
Examining the trend for median days on the market in Vancouver, WA over the past year reveals a nuanced picture. While there has been a slight increase since the previous month, there is a marginal decrease compared to the same period last year. This indicates a market that is evolving, responding to various factors that influence the pace of home sales.
Vancouver Housing Market Forecast 2023-2024
As the Vancouver housing market unfolds against the backdrop of economic dynamics and shifting trends, understanding its current status and future projections becomes pivotal for anyone looking to engage in real estate transactions.
The Vancouver housing market, as reported by Zillow, provides valuable insights into key metrics that potential homebuyers and sellers should consider. Let’s delve into the details of the market data as of October 31, 2023.
Current Market Statistics

Average Home Value: $487,469
Year-over-Year Growth: 1.3%
Days on Market: 12 days

The average home value in Vancouver stands at $487,469, reflecting a modest year-over-year growth of 1.3%. Additionally, homes are moving quickly, with an average of 12 days on the market.
Inventory and Listings

For Sale Inventory (as of October 31, 2023): 730
New Listings (in October 2023): 312

The available housing inventory as of October 31, 2023, comprises 730 properties, while the month of October saw the addition of 312 new listings. This dynamic reflects the ongoing activity in the Vancouver real estate market.
Median Sale and List Prices

Median Sale to List Ratio (as of September 30, 2023): 1.000
Median Sale Price (as of September 30, 2023): $490,417
Median List Price (as of October 31, 2023): $521,600

The median sale to list ratio, an essential indicator of market competitiveness, is 1.000 as of September 30, 2023. The median sale price and list price are $490,417 and $521,600, respectively, offering valuable benchmarks for both buyers and sellers.
Sales Performance

Percent of Sales Over List Price (as of September 30, 2023): 40.3%
Percent of Sales Under List Price (as of September 30, 2023): 38.0%

The sales dynamics in Vancouver reveal that a significant portion of transactions—40.3%—occurred over the list price, emphasizing a competitive market. Additionally, 38.0% of sales were negotiated under the list price, showcasing variability in deal structures.
These metrics collectively contribute to a comprehensive understanding of the Vancouver housing market, empowering individuals to make informed decisions based on the current trends and forecasts provided by Zillow.
Will the Housing Market Crash?
Addressing concerns about a housing market crash requires a comprehensive analysis of various factors, including economic indicators, government policies, and global market trends. As of the current data, there is no explicit indication of an imminent market crash in Vancouver. The stable year-over-year growth in home values and the balanced buyer-seller dynamic contribute to a positive outlook.
However, it’s important to acknowledge that real estate markets are influenced by numerous variables, and conditions can change. Regular monitoring of market updates, economic indicators, and expert analyses will enable stakeholders to stay informed and make well-informed decisions.
Source: Zillow
Should You Invest in Vancouver Real Estate Market?
The Vancouver real estate market can be an attractive investment opportunity for those looking for a stable and growing market. The city’s strong economy and rental property market make it an attractive destination for investors. Here are some reasons why you should consider investing in Vancouver real estate:

Strong economy: Vancouver’s economy is diverse and growing, with a mix of industries such as technology, healthcare, and education. The city has a low unemployment rate and a high median household income, which makes it an attractive destination for people looking to relocate for work. A strong economy means that there is a high demand for housing, which can translate into higher rental income and appreciation of property values. Additionally, Vancouver’s proximity to major cities like Portland and Seattle has made it an attractive location for businesses and investors alike.
Rental property market: Vancouver’s rental market is strong, with a high demand for rental properties and low vacancy rates. This makes it an attractive option for investors looking for steady rental income. Additionally, the city has introduced measures to protect tenants, which provides more security for renters and encourages them to stay longer in their rental properties.
Additionally, Vancouver’s strong tourism industry has led to a growing demand for short-term rental properties like Airbnb, which can be a lucrative investment opportunity for savvy investors.
Growing population: Vancouver’s population is growing, which means that there will be a continued demand for housing. The city is a popular destination for immigrants and students, which adds to the demand for rental properties.
The Favorable Tax Climate: One reason to consider investing in the Vancouver real estate market is the state’s tax climate. Washington state doesn’t impose an income tax, which means investors don’t have to pay taxes on revenue from their properties. This could be a significant advantage for investors who are looking to maximize their profits. Additionally, the flat property tax rate in Vancouver is another benefit. Property taxes are around one percent, which is slightly lower than the national average. This could result in a more affordable tax bill for investors compared to other markets, allowing them to allocate more funds toward growing their real estate portfolio.

Potential drawbacks:
One potential drawback to investing in the Vancouver real estate market is the high purchase prices and low inventory. This can make it difficult for investors to find properties that meet their investment criteria and may require them to be more flexible in their investment strategy. Additionally, the rising interest rates may increase the cost of borrowing for investors, which can impact their ability to finance their investments and reduce their overall returns.
Overall, the Vancouver real estate market offers many opportunities for investors looking to grow their portfolios. However, it is important to work with experienced professionals and to carefully evaluate each investment opportunity to ensure that it meets your investment goals and aligns with your risk tolerance.
Buying or selling real estate, for a majority of investors, is one of the most important decisions they will make. Choosing a real estate professional/counselor continues to be a vital part of this process. They are well-informed about critical factors that affect your specific market area, such as changes in market conditions, market forecasts, consumer attitudes, best locations, timing, and interest rates.
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