Learn the Lingo

Sometimes it sound like Realtors have their own language.  We forget that not everyone speaks “Realtor-ese”.  Let’s review the basics and take away any confusion you may have. Realtor.com shared 9 common real estate terms in a recent post that might help. Appraisal Contingency: Having an appraisal contingency in your purchase agreement means you will buy […]

Inexpensive Outdoor Upgrade Ideas!

Living in Western New York brings the best of the four seasons, doesn’t it?  And now that Spring is here, let’s look at our  outdoor living space.  There are number of ways to upgrade your patio or deck with inexpensive upgrades that won’t break the bank. Add a rolling bar cart or serving station Utilize mirrors […]

Fall Chores We SHOULD Do

Responsible Adulting. Our list of chores are never done.  But now that people are putting up their Halloween decorations, picking apples, and making holiday plans, it’s also time to face some fall chores. Wait, don’t go! I know no one likes doing this stuff, but some of it’s really important, and you can reward yourself with […]

Landscape Lighting

Think about it:  Most of your guests (and if your home is on the market, many would-be buyers) see your home only in the evening, when its best features may be lost in the shadows. Well-executed outdoor lighting enhances architectural detail and plays up landscape features, casting your home in the best possible light and adding […]

Spring Cleaning

It’s a chore not many of us enjoy, but once we get started, watch out!  The freshness a clean home brings is the perfect start to a new season.  Where to start?  How about delegating certain spots for your family members to tackle!    Kitchen 1. Empty the refrigerator and wash the shelves & drawers. Don’t […]

Is It a Good Time to Sell My House?

Courtesy of Keeping Current Matters  – March 4, 2021 Last year, many homeowners thought twice about selling their houses due to the onset of the health crisis. This year, however, homeowners are beginning to regain their confidence when it comes to selling safely. The latest Home Purchase Sentiment Index (HPSI) by Fannie Mae shows that 57% of consumers believe now is a […]

8 Reasons to use a Boutique Real Estate Firm

Many may consider a “boutique” firm to cater to high end only, or possibly too small to break into the competitive real estate market.  In reality, these firms are extremely specialized businesses with a culture centered on customer service and professionalism.  As a client of a Signature Real Estate Services, you can expect above average representation in any transaction from […]

Need to get Organized for 2021?

Still Not Organized? Here’s Why—and What To Try in 2021 Courtesy of Realtor.com By Kimberly Dawn Neumann | Dec 23, 2020 Ever resolve to organize your closet or junk drawer, only to see your efforts devolve into a (slightly different) cluttered mess? Maybe it’s because you tried a method that doesn’t fit your personality. It turns out, people […]

Holiday Baking

You know that wonderful smell of cookies baking in the kitchen wafting through your home?  Maybe it was when you visited Grandma’s house or your own childhood memories of cinnamon, cocoa powder, peppermint candies and vanilla. Cookie baking is one of the most enjoyed and anticipated traditions of the holidays.  It’s also one of those […]

Seller’s Market?

It’s November 2020. Is now a good time to put your house on the market – or wait until after the holiday season – or even Spring 2021? Typically, the housing market “cools” when the weather changes, however, with a pent-up buyer demand the real estate market continues to be brisk! Lawrence Yun, chief economist […]

Fall Lawn Maintenance

Curb appeal is for all seasons.  Temperatures are cooling as Autumn is upon us.  Now is the time to take a look around the outside of your home with a critical eye. Early fall is a great time to plant grass seed filling in bare or damaged areas of your lawn.  Overseeding is the process […]

Fun Halloween Home Decor

We all know first impressions and staging a home go hand-in-hand … however, Halloween can bring out the silliness in all of us! Still have that blow-up kiddie pool handy?  Stick a “mummy” or “skeleton” sitting in it & place in your front yard. Fill it with leaves, pumpkins, candy, juice boxes … use your […]

Tiny Tasks to Help De-clutter

When was the last time you smiled with pride upon opening a cleaned-up junk drawer or closet? If you can’t recall ever having this feeling, it’s time to hit these hot spots!  And you don’t need all weekend to make some progress. “Mini tasks make a big difference—like the ones you can accomplish during a […]