Missed Payments Stabilize In June — At Alarming Levels

In June, 30 percent of Americans missed their housing payments, down slightly from 31 percent in May but still up from 24 percent in April.Missed payments continue to concentrate among renters, younger and poorer Americans, and those who cannot work… Continue Reading →

Apartment List National Rent Report

Methodology Note: Apartment List is committed to making our rent estimates the best and most accurate available. To do this, we start with fully representative median rent statistics for recent movers taken from the Census Bureau American Community Survey. We then… Continue Reading →

Best Metros for College Graduates in 2020

For recent graduates, choosing where to move after college is the first big (and exciting) decision to make as new members of the “real world.” Graduates can take any number of paths. They may move to a city to pursue… Continue Reading →

Money Tree Care: Guide to Taking Care of your Plant

Whether you’re stuck at home or just want to bring more life to your apartment, plants can freshen up your space. They also get bonus points for making it look like you have a green thumb, even if you’re prone… Continue Reading →

10 Lighting Options for Rooms with No Overhead Lighting

Sometimes your dream apartment is in an ideal location and packed with amenities. But something feels off: you realize there’s no overhead lighting. That can leave your new home feeling a little dark and dull. Should you keep apartment hunting?… Continue Reading →

In May, Even More Americans Missed Their Housing Payments

In April, nearly one-quarter of housing bills were not fully paid during the first week of the month. In May the situation worsened, as 31 percent of Americans made just a partial payment or no payment at all.The majority of… Continue Reading →

11 Must-Have Bathroom Design Trends for 2020

The products in this article are selected by Apartment List. We may earn a commission from purchases from the below links. Your apartment bathroom is full of trendsetting possibilities. You could complete one of these projects in just a few… Continue Reading →

15 Shoe Storage and Organization Ideas for Small Spaces

The products in this article are selected by Apartment List. We may earn a commission from purchases from the below links. Living in an apartment can come with many untold perks. Those can include updated amenities, swimming pools, and city… Continue Reading →

Tenant Breaking Lease? Know Your Rights, Collect Rent & More

For most tenants, renting is a temporary living arrangement. Whether tenants have signed a month-to-month lease agreement or have signed a yearlong lease, it’s expected that they’ll continue renting for the full duration of the lease agreement. However, this isn’t… Continue Reading →

Apartment Flooding: What to Do & How to Handle the Situation

An apartment flood is a renter’s worst nightmare. Water damages everything from personal belongings to flooring. Flooded apartments also require quick action to mitigate the damage and restore your apartment.  Despite the urgency of the situation, staying calm and working… Continue Reading →

9 Questions to Ask When Moving Apartments During Coronavirus

Just because we’re living through a pandemic doesn’t mean moving and renting an apartment during coronavirus is off-limits. However, there are ways you can reduce your risk for exposure and successfully rent an apartment in your wishlist neighborhood.  Stay safe… Continue Reading →

Is There a Limit to How Much a Landlord Can Raise Your Rent?

You’ve found the apartment of your dreams, and better yet, it’s affordable! Though you’re excited, you can’t help but wonder — will it always be this affordable? Just how much can my new landlord raise the rent in the future? You… Continue Reading →

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